Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Today I write to you from CAPA (between classes). On Sunday I went to find my internship site which took a while since the two major tube lines were down for the weekend. Luckily it did not take me two hours to get there monday morning, when I had my interview- which went well. I'm excited for the internship although last night, after the course that goes a long with it, I had doubts. The course work does not seem too difficult but one of the instructer spent the first hour talking about how Richard Branson (Virgin mogul) and Ronald Regan are true leaders unlike Ralph Nader and Hillary Clinton. But he might not be my teacher. Hopefully. Any ways between classes and work (20 hours a week is required by law for work) I will have little time to travel. Luckily my boss seems really understanding of the whole wanting to travel idea and is flexable which is good since I signed up for a 3 day trip to Bruges and Amsterdam towards the end of Febuary- don't worry mom and dad it's more of a scenic tour. Today I learned that the tubes are a bit more then unreliable- and an understanding of the bus system seems very important in this city. I hope to have more pictures up soon!


  1. I understand your potential doubts about the instructor. While giving others the benefits of the doubt it seems obvious that his idea of leadership is much different than mine. I am excited about your traveling. And I don't worry about you. You are a compasionate and strong adult. The things I worry about are things beyond our control and they can happen anywhere in the world including at home. Love, Dad

  2. Hey Katrina! Just became your latest follower as kclaire (So far I think you're as good of a leader as any of the above named!) Besides, Nader was a dumb choice - he wants to be, like Socrates, a painful annoyance to the establishment as a gadfly is to an ass. Go Ralph! OK, I wont comment on your classes anymore! Anyway, Mom, Dad and Robb are also enjoying your posts here in TN and we all say HAVE FUN! Love, Karen et all